Synthetic Biology Innovation Cluster

The Synthetic Biology Innovation Cluster seeks to connect academics conducting cutting-edge science with industry innovators to understand the issues and needs faced in the marketplace, and how to address them using resources we provide.

Connaught Summer Institutes

The Synthetic Biology Innovation Cluster is proud to be the organizing host of the Connaught Summer Institutes. The Connaught Summer Institutes are funded by the Connaught Fund which was founded in 1972, allows researchers at the University of Toronto to fund their furthering work. Funds focus on interdisciplinary work and innovation – with a strong emphasis on meeting challenges facing global society. The summer institutes are focused on learning about synthetic biology and fostering innovation. See more about the Connaught Summer Institutes by clicking the link under the Events tab.

Connect With Us

The Synthetic Biology Innovation Cluster brings together the best and brightest around Canada. We are always looking for more partners and ways to connect individuals across the large discipline of synthetic biology. See details on how to join the cluster and stay connected by clicking the Contact Us tab.

Partner Spotlight

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